Material Types:

Glass, Household Hazardous Waste, Metals, Bicycles, Plastics, Automotive, Furniture, Building Materials, Textiles, Paint, Other Items, Paper, Electrical, Tetra Pak, Plastic bottles, Garden Waste, Cardboard, Scrap wood, Household Batteries

Delivery Method:

Household waste recycling centre

Service Description:

We accept: General domestic waste, Bonded asbestos, Waste car oil, Batteries, Chemicals, paints and pesticides, Any glass (including sheet glass and bottles), Newspapers and magazines, Cans, Cardboard, Tyres, Printer Cartridges, Mobile Phones, Clothing and Fabrics, Soil, Building rubble, Scrap Metal, Fridges, washing machines and cookers, Garden Waste, Gas Bottles, Plastic bottles, bags and wrapping, Fluorescent lighting tubes, Food and drink cartons.